5 Signs Your Addicted to RV Camping

Posted By Earl On AUGUST 27,2016

Everyone has some vices, but these 5 Signs can help you tell if you might be addicted to RV CampingTent Trailer

  1. Your bucket list is based on your USA MAP and How many states are filled in. 
  2. You have multiple trips planned at any one time. At any given time you are have already planned and booked multiple camping spots throughout the year. Many times you find yourself calling on January 1st to book.
  3. You purchase a National Pass every year. Along with a County Pass, and a State Pass, and a KOA Pass, and a REI Membership.
  4. You have a bumper sticker that says your other vehicle is an RV
  5. You get jealous when you see an RV on the road.