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Check processing times. You may need to give biometrics with your application. More people want to immigrate to Canada than we can bring in each year. Applications received after we meet our yearly limit may have to wait longer to be processed. Learn how processing times are calculated. Normally, you need to give biometrics. If your local visa application centre is not open due to COVID, there are temporary measures in place for biometrics.

Find out what to do for your biometrics. We process most applications in a few weeks or less. Processing times depend on the visa office and if you need to do any extra steps listed above. You need to wait until we put the visa in the passport you submit to us.

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When your application is approved, any original documents, including your passport with the visa inside, will be returned to you. An explanation of why your application was refused will be sent to you, along with any original documents, including your passport.

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Use the checklist that applies to you:. You must use ArriveCAN before checking in at the airport or crossing the border to submit Bi visitor looking for saturday. Bring your ArriveCAN receipt electronic or paper with you to show the border services officer upon arrival. You must bring evidence that you meet the eligibility requirements to travel at this timesuch as.

Consult the list of documents you need based on your situation. Find out more about minor children travelling to Canada. If you got a letter from a person or company that invited you to Canada, bring that letter with you. A border services officer may ask to see it. Find out more about letters of invitation. If you pass the identity check, health assessment, and meet the entry requirementsthe border services officer may stamp your passport or let you know how long you can stay in Canada.

In some cases, the officer may limit or extend your time in Canada, depending on the purpose of your visit. The officer must be convinced that. Some people are inadmissible—they are not allowed to come to Canada. Several things can make you inadmissible, including involvement in criminal activity, in human rights violations or in organized crime. You can also be inadmissible for security, health or financial reasons.

Find out more about inadmissibility. At the port of entry, the border services officer may allow you to stay for less or more than 6 months. They might also give you a document, called a visitor recordwhich will show the date you need to leave by. If you need a stamp, you can ask a border services officer for one. If you arrive at an airport that uses primary inspection kiosksask the border officer after you finish at the kiosk. You will not receive a reply.

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For enquiries. About the document 2. Who can apply 3. Supporting documents 4. Apply 5. After you apply. After you apply Varies by country Check processing times You may need to give biometrics with your application. Your fingerprints and photo biometrics Normally, you need to give biometrics.

Use the checklist that applies to you: Flying to Canada requirements checklist Driving to Canada requirements checklist.

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To visit Canada, you will need to meet some basic requirements, such as: have a valid travel document, such as a passport, be in good health, have no criminal or immigration-related convictions, convince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your home country, convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit, and have enough money for your stay.

The amount of money you will need can vary. It depends on things such as how long you will stay, and whether you will stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives. Inadmissibility Some people are inadmissible—they are not allowed to come to Canada. Most visitors can stay for up to 6 months in Canada.

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Bi visitor looking for saturday

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