Hosting lookin for a bottomm

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Top definition. A term used when a person opens his home for a private event he is said to be the host or is "Hosting". It can also be used to " Host ". This term has moved more recently into the gay community and is seen in private online forums like Craigslist adds where homosexuals are looking for other homsexuals and " host " private events or are said to be "Hosting" at their place.

Hey, I'm looking to meet a few young hot guys tonite, I can't host because I'm married but I'm looking for a guy friend on the side NSA. No strings attached. Jul 13 Word of the Day. Be reet.

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When one has an incredible score in an online game such as Call of Duty. This score is not a reflection of their skill, but simply states that they were picked by the game to be the "host" of the match, and therefore, were the only one with a half-decent connection. How is that possible? He's only a level 9! Person 2: Don't worry about it.

That guy is just hosting. It won't happen again next game. The person who is holding the game for others to play in an online match of ''Gears of War'' who gets stronger bullets and more health which makes others mad. I shot that dude like 3 times in the head what a fuckin' host I Hate Hosting so much''. Alexx likes hosting Maggie all the time!

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Hosting lookin for a bottomm

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