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TljHoelinn r. Contflins neither I njiuui. Ctnm" f-h ril H-i hi! Or anything else you need executed to your entire 7 satisfaction. Proprietors i For Infants and Children. Some Sjwcltne. A glimpse of one form of Welsh vorso, Trlbuti, may' 1 found in a translation of wnio Mana from Mr.

In Kravea whero tho grass grows rank and tall l. In graves where drips tho ruin the dead Ue, that not lightly bowed the head Uwrien, Owen and Owned. Slid the dreary moor by tho one oak tree. The gravo of stately Siawn may be Stately, treacherous and bitter was he. And this may the gravo of Gwythur be. But who the world's great mystery. The grave of Arthur, shall over see?

Dafydd np Gwllym s best productions wero his couplets oywydtlau and his lyrics and lovo songs, which uro standards of excellence in Welsh poetry to this day. Now York Trlhuno.

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Thoso trout havo their nbuda in tho upper waters of tho creek, and it is not invaded by any other breeds of trout that swarm in tho waters below simply bocnuso they cannot get ab It. About six miles from tho head of Whitney creek thoro is n waterfall feet high. Tho rock down tho faco of which tho water tumbles is solid and smooth from baso to summit.

Thero nro no protruding ledges nor nny hollows by menus of which tho other trout, with leap after leap from ledgo to ledge and Leaburg Oregon sexx iso elf to hollow, could 6culo this prcciplco, as they do nt thousands of high waterfalls olsowhero. Consequently tho trout above tho falls havo never boon disturbed by interlopers of a different varioty, and thoy livo by themselves lu the pure, cold water, a most splendid family of fresh water 11 sh.

Tho first time I over saw ono of thoso trout I actunlly though it had boon decorated with Hakes of gold leaf by its possessor and that Its red spots had been heightened In color with tho brush. But this is their natural ornamentation- and when they nro taken from tho water and tho sunlight strikes them thoy glitter and sparkle liko a harlequin. Thoy nro called tho golden trout. Their habits nro tho sumo as thoso of tho ordinary brook trout, with nil its gamy qualities.

Their llesh has tho sama flavor. Their splendid beauty is what places them at tho head of this great piscatorial family, famous for its beauty. How this raro varioty of trout came to bo nlono In thoso uppor waters of Whitney crock is ono of nature's mysteries. Some Theatrical Jokes. Leaburg Oregon sexx iso elf a porformanco of "Tho Lady of tho Lake" tho actor who took tho part of Kod-orlck Dhu was known to bo in pecuniary difficulties.

So when at a certain point a character hod to rush on and shout, "Fivo hundred pounds for tho spy I" tho author-aotor, who was concealed bohind m rock, nroso and cried, "It's yours copyright, manuscript and parts! When onting tabes placo on tho stage, tho temptations to play tricks with tho food nro naturally great. In "Henry V" tho leek which that inimltablo braggart Pistol has to oat is usually mado from an apple. But on ono occasion at Sadler's Wolls tho Flucllonof tho evening gave him a real onion, and ho had no choico but to struggle through it, though tho tears coursed down his fat cheeks.

Cornhlll Mngazlno. The No Grog Law. In July, 18G2, congress revolutionized tho American navy by passing tho historic law providing: "That from and after tho 1st day of September,tho spirit ration in tho navy of tho United States shall forever oeaso, and thereafter no distilled spirituous liquors shall be admitted on board of vessels of war except as medical stores and upon tho order and under tho control of tho medical officers of such vossels and to bo used only for medical purposes.

San Francisco Call. A Shirt Washing General. I have seen a private letter from General Gntacro to a friend in a high dace, in which tho general describes himself as porfectly happy in tho Sudan. Ho had only ono shirt to his back, which ho washed for himself from tlmo to time, lie lived on tinned meat and occupied a straw shelter without furniture and with nothing more than a blanket to cover him, but ho was in rude health and tho best splrite, and all his men wore tho samo.

Allahabad Pioneer. Her Credentials. She's going to marry tho richest young man in town. Tho average weekly loss of vossels on tbo seas throughout the world is Wood Wanted. Those parties who have promised the Guard wood on subscription arc requested to deliver the same as soon as convenient. All drupgiMS, 60c orll. Cure guaranteed Booklet and sample free. Address Sterling Kenedy u. I:i vnvp. It is probably trno that there. There nro similarly about twico as many eopr:mxs as thero uro mezzo sopmuos or contraltos, and thero uro probably two trained lopnuios to every touor.

Tho reasons for thoso ratios nro probably these: A higher voice, being the more unusual, attracts to i's owner tho more attention. Tho im. The mo. A villago church is tho epitome of the world in this respect. Tho women "sing alto" or keep quiet, or strain and squeal at the top notes; tho men drouo out a bajrpipisH bass. The good voices are lost iu the lugubrious average, but if thero is a girl who takes tho high notes flutily or a boy who can interpolate tho tenor part without danger ot scarlet fever these voices siu out alnne the grounding chorus.

Every ono pricks ear to listen, and tho word is passed that Sula-y Smith or. Tho steps from this first discovery to a career of public weal or woo nro easy.

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So much for the disproportion of high and low professional singing. Tho fact that more women than men study song is doubtless to bo ed for by tho superstition that nourishes iu many districts that selling dry goods or keeping books is a more manly career than hinging. This public creed keeps many a man from developing tho gold mine in his larynx. Hcsides, thero is, especially in America- a sentiment that a man should not depend on his father after ho has reached his majority.

It is a Yvholesomo sentiment on some s, a pernicious sentiment on others, but many a father will set his son up in business with ft sum of money which if devoted to paying his artistic tuition a few years ou iu his twenties might give him a capital of unlimited possibilities. Godey s Magazine. A story, tho truth, of which is vouched for in lnh quartern, is told conccru-ing tho4manucrs" of tho political members of n small country renowned for ita nneient courapo. Tho primo minister gavo a reception to meet somo distin-guished Englishmen.

Tho nssemblao consisted solely of tho strangers, tho members of tho parliament and tho primo minister. Duriuy tho courso of tho ovening ono of tho more list inimish-cd of tho English Rtiosts discovered that his watch had been taken. Ho went to bis host nud informed him of his loss, adding that bo especially prized the watch, Leaburg Oregon sexx iso elf it was a present to hint from tho king of tho country whoso guest ho bad tho honor to bo nt that moment. Tho primo minister saw at once, that thero was only ono thing to bo dono, nud, asking for silenco, explained tho situation to tho company.

Ho said that no doubt somo ono bad yioldcd to tho temptation of tho moment, but that when thoy learned that tho missing nr-ticlo was tho gift of their king bo was suro tboir loyalty, if nothiug else, would prompt them to restoro it to its owner. In order that tho culprit's honor might bo preserved oud tho country saved from a scandal, bo said, tho lights would bo lowered for fivo minutes and tbo guests would dclllo past tho writing table, which would give au opportunity for tbo delinquent to placo tbo wntoh there.

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Upon this tho room was darkened for tho stipulated time. Ou tho lights being turned up it was found that tho watch bad not been placed on tho writing ta-blo, but that a valuablo silver inkstand, also a gift of tho king to bis primo muv ister. Loudjri Telegraph, Economics Frautz Foesing could uot understand why bo sboDld not be allowed to leavo tho hargo ollioo. His card boro tho inscription, ". Not monoy enough, " but be thought lio bad somotbiug as Rood ns money besides tho cash bo had shown.

Ho was a beulthy young German, bis decent frosh from Uuter den Linden, his suit anil his boots spick and span, his manner full of dignity and mothod. You wish to see it? Woll, anyhow, it is worth nt least 05 marks now. I assuro yon it is ns good na new. Then I havo a lot of now books, fur which I paid 00 marks. So, you boo, I havo CO marks' worth of booka and a suit of clothes worth 65 marks. Tbia makoa together marks, and yet they say I havo uot iaono7 enough.

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Chivalry anil Commercialism.

Leaburg Oregon sexx iso elf

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