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I met a sort of flame yesterday while I was at the supermarket. I only ran in to grab a few items and we bumped into each other at the checkout.

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We see each other occasionally but he has a tendency to annoy the hell out of me. He was late for our last date because he was playing video games with his friends.

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Unfortunately for him I forgive but I do not forget. As we left the store I suggested we go back to my place. I let him in to my apartment, dropped the stuff off in the kitchen then led him to the living room. We sat on the couch and made small talk. I smiled and pretended I was interested in what he had to say.

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My hand touched his thigh and I leaned in close. I let my hand go higher and that got his attention.

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I reached over and slowly unzipped his fly. I could feel him in his jeans and he was already hard. He raised his hips and slid his jeans down.

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I bent down and started licking his dick slowly up and down the length. I gave special attention to the head and made sure to run my tongue over the slit. I heard him gasp and knew I had him. I straightened up and started taking my top off. His beautiful 8 inch dick was bobbing in the air and as he watched me I saw his hand reach for it.

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I smacked his hand away and told him to wait. I stood up, reached down, lifted up my skirt and slowly slid my panties off. I let him get a good Madison sex phone chat at my bare pussy that I had shaved that morning. I straddled his lap and started grinding against him. The feel of his hard dick rubbing against my pussy nearly made me abandon my plan. I wanted him deep inside but remembered he had to learn his lesson. I decided to compromise a bit. I changed my position a bit and lowered myself.

I began to move up and down slowly but picked up speed as I got a rhythm going. I wanted to cum before he did for once. I really began to ride him then realized he was about to cum. I slowed down and when he tried to keep going I stopped completely and slid off his lap. He looked at me like I was nuts and reached for me but he was getting no more of me. I told him to wait and began fingering myself. I clenched my muscles trying to bring an orgasm on.

It was a bit difficult since he was begging me to touch him but I blocked him out as best I could. I slipped a third finger in my tight little pussy and that did the trick.

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After I came I told him to lick my fingers clean. Instead I let him lick my fingers clean, got up and started to get dressed. I told him to put his clothes on and see if any one of his friends were around. I walked back in the kitchen for a drink and left him sitting there with his dick still bobbing in the air. Mistress Madison. Phone Chat Lines for a Cheater Housewife! Tease and Denial Phone Sex. I hope that fucker enjoyed my little tease and denial session! Like this: Like Loading Tags: cumphonesextease and denial. Every month we choose one winner to receive a free 15 minute phone sex call just for telling us how our gorgeous ladies are doing.

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Madison sex phone chat

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