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Hard to envision either team sticking around for longer than 10 minutes. Gonzaga has multiple dynamic shot creators dotting the perimeter, perhaps the best shooter in the country in Corey Kispert who has embraced playing as a stretch 4 full-timeand a devastatingly efficient post scorer on the block Timme ranks in the 98th percentile on a PPP basis. Norfolk St. BYU racked up 1. Timme is surrendering over a point per possession when guarding post ups, and the Zags ranked in the 19th percentile nationally defending them as a team. He looked like he had concrete in his shoes, it was weird.

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Both Norfolk and App State are anchored by impressive guard trios, but this is another level of competition. Both seed coaches are too smart to let that happen anways. Key Factor s : Well, the first key factor is obviously who wins the play-in game. Perhaps the early minutes will give us an indication; if you are an avid live bettor, keep an eye on this.

Both underdogs are too well-coached and play too hard to totally roll over and die, and the Zags may limit the minutes of its primary seven-man rotation in what will almost certainly be a blowout. No real feel for the total until I see the. Good lord! The rest of their s doomed them to the dreaded 8 vs.

Of course, one of these two needs to win what qualifies as a Q2 game to get there…. Reaves is a terrific one-on-one scorer, using a variety of hesitations and fakes to get himself into advantageous positions on the court.

Smith needs to avoid biting on those Reaves fakes; Mizzou cannot afford its best two-way player getting in foul trouble. Lineups with Manek as the nominal center are absolutely lethal, scoring at an excellent 1. Mizzou would be more able to defend that action without Tilmon Need a Bishop or versatile cute guy the floor, but…. Missouri on Offense: …That would rob the Tigers of their best offensive weapon in this one. Tilmon can be dominant inside if fed steadily, using his combination of size, strength, and deft footwork to bury foes in the paint:.

The offense often forgets he exists, though, as the guards and wings get perimeter shots up, forcing Tilmon to chase offensive boards to get touches. Will Mark Smith and Xavier Pinson actually make 3s? Two other problem areas: Oklahoma does not foul, ranking 12th nationally in defensive free throw rate, possibly eliminating a vital source of offense for the Tigers, and the OU defense is tough to beat in transition, forcing Missouri to execute in the half court.

Outside of one surprise run to the Sweet 16 with a play-in team, has not won an NCAA Tournament game, and doing so against a masterful game planner in Kruger feels like a tall task. Final Prediction: This one feels like a slugfest. Initial Thoughts: What the heck happened, Creighton?

The Bluejays rolled through their Big East quarterfinal, squeaked by a game UConn team in the semis, and then…threw up all over the floor against Georgetown in the Big East final? The Gauchos were a sneaky machine this year, winning 18 of their last 19 games and building top 85 units on both sides of the ball. Unsurprisingly, Creighton ranks highly in both effective field goal percentage and turnover rate, creating high value shots and refusing to waste possessions. That will be tested against UCSB, an athletic team overflowing with down-transfers capable of playing right with the Bluejays.

Marcus Zegarowski has also looked healthy of late, a key development considering how he seemed to lack burst earlier in the year. Pasternack runs a lot of sets deed to get star guard JaQuori McLaughlin in attack mode or powerful big man Amadou Sow in advantageous matchups inside. Creighton has dealt with opponents trying to play bully ball inside all year, but the Bluejays are actually an outstanding post up defense, slotting in the 86th percentile nationally per Synergy. McLaughlin, the Big West Player of the Year, is the game-breaker as a guy who can score at all three levels, with or without the ball; McDermott will certainly wish he still had the lockdown services of Ty-Shon Alexander for this one.

Zegarowski has actually held up quite well on defense this year, though, and McDermott likely opts to have the bigger Mahoney blanket McLaughlin for stretches as well. UCSB will run selectively, but the Gauchos may not find many openings against this savvy Bluejay squad. Starting wing Ajare Sanni, a dangerous scorer and shooter, is nursing an ankle injury that sidelined him for most of the second half of the win over UC Irvine.

In my quest to have a wager on all 32 games, this one will probably be one of my latest decisions. Ohio is led by a terrific coach in Jeff Boals, and the Bobcats are loaded with burgeoning young talent all over the court. The attention he draws also opens things up for Jay Huff, who has emerged as a legitimate offensive star in his role as a pick-and-pop threat, a finisher inside, and a one-man band on the offensive glass.

Ohio is all man-to-man on defense under Boals, but the effectiveness of that scheme comes and goes. Vander Plas and Hauser actually grew up 90 minutes away from each other in central Wisconsin, so there may be some familiarity between the two via the AAU circuit. Ohio has been quite poor against Need a Bishop or versatile cute guy ball-handlers this year, but with Virginia gravitating away from continuity ball screen, that weakness may not get exposed.

Kihei Clark will once again be at a size disadvantage against the lanky Preston, but that rarely bothers the unflappable junior. Ohio on Offense: What a duel this will be. Ohio is also capable of pristine offensive execution, and if Clark is on Preston, expect to see Boals invert the offense some to get easy buckets inside:. Preston missed a few games around Christmas, and his absence allowed freshman Mark Sears to emerge into a trustworthy part of the rotation.

Sears allows Preston to play off ball at times, where his intelligent movement and funky floater game becomes even more potent. This is a danger zone. Final Prediction: Just because a lot of people are picking an upset does not make it wrong, I tell myself over and over.

Initial Thoughts : Darian DeVries and his halftime secret stuff fueled another furious Drake comeback over the Shockers. Drake continues to defy the odds, despite Tank Hemphill being a shell of himself in his much anticipated return. Now, a daunting Trojan frontline awaits the pesky Bulldogs. Drake on Offense : Spacing. Attacking those trees at the summit is not a recipe for success.

DeVries could consider going extreme, perhaps with Tremell Murphy as the quasi-5 in a super small lineup with five shooters on the floor. Obviously playing along side an alien distraction in Mobley helps but Eaddy and Peterson have been magnificent from start to finish. Quite simply, if they make shots, USC wins going away. Drake will have to bend their entire defensive structure toward Mobley, which should part the seas for Eaddy and Peterson. The ball stuck far too often against the Shockers, who rarely had to defend in rotations.

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Far too many possessions end in Yesufu hero ball for the weapons he has around him. Final Predictions : The world seems to have declared Drake dead on arrival. Color me skeptical.

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I think DeVries is too good a coach to let USC run them out of the gym but this Trojan squad has been criminally under-appreciated all season long. USC wins, Drake covers. Initial Thoughts : Phew, did the Jayhawks dodge a bullet. Simple math implies Kansas is left with a 7-man rotation for the second game in a row - Wilson is out and McCormack, who missed the Big Tournament win over Oklahoma, is in. Eastern Washington on Offense : Bill Self was relieved to see Kansas pop up on the left side of the bracket, giving the Jayhawks one extra day to practice with their entire squad.

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Kansas could roll out of bed and smack most seeds. But this Eastern Washington draw is tricky. That leaves KU only one practice with all hands on deck. His motor is always on high, relentlessly jockeying for position in the lane. However, shoving around Big Sky defenders is like taking a geometry test to prepare for a Calculus final.

David McCormack is an alien compared to those dwarfs. This is the matchup to key in on, especially with Jalen Wilson out of the mix. Mitch Lightfoot could draw this asment. Any lethargic KU closeouts will be promptly punished. Kansas on Offense : At times, this side of the ball has been an eyesore for the Jayhawks this season. Other times, Kansas employs a spread out attack, predicated on drive and kick sequencing from the perimeter. Without Wilson, the latter becomes tough to replicate.

My advice? Feed your interior meal ticket early and often. Along with Tanner Groves, his baby brother Jacob Groves and bouncy athlete Kim Aiken will get a steady diet of interior touches. His chameleon coaching style works wonders in a tournament setting.

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The Ducks rank in the mid 30s in a few notable analytic rankings Kenpom, Haslametricsas does VCU, which explains why their model projects this game as a coin flip. However, it dawned on me that both Richardson and Williams have been fully integrated for over a month now. On February 6th, Oregon ranked 32nd in KenPom. All that is to say, I fear the quack fanatics, including myself, may be caught in a trance. VCU initiates everything from the perimeter, a steady dose of ball screens and dribble handoffs in the backcourt.

Hyland is a human blow torch from long range, with parking lot range and a lightning quick trigger:. Only one way to describe Bones Hyland and that is "wow. Chris Duarte will likely draw the Hyland asment. VCUs havoc-inducing defense is elite in its own way, as speed takes priority over size.

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The Ducks boast multiple ball handlers with serious size, the perfect DNA blent to not just handle the havoc but exploit it. The impenetrable Oregon defenses in recent years always had that feared fly swatter roaming around the rim Kenny Wooten, Jordan Bell, etc.

With that safety net behind them, the guards and wings could fly around and hunt steaks without repercussions. The small-ball look also leaves the Ducks exposed on the glass, where Oregon State Need a Bishop or versatile cute guy in the Pac Tournament by flooding the lane on every shot.

The Ducks should be able to hold their own on the boards, even devoid of a traditional postman. Just look at Maryland. All the Rams did this year was continuously silence their doubters - they fondly remember those disrespectful preseason projections. Initial Thoughts : Well whaddya know, the Lopes finally broke through. Enter Goliath slayer Bryce Drew. After a mind-boggling firing at Vanderbilt, Drew sought redemption in the desert, where a percolating program was on the rise.

Dan Majerle deserves credit for putting GCU on the rail position heading into the campaign. On the other side, yikes, what a miserable draw for Iowa. The Hawkeyes were thrown into the Gonzaga purgatory, along with Kansas and Virginia. To be clear, no one is stopping Garza. This is all relative. Before his arrival, the Lopes were a trainwreck defensively.

They finished in the bottom in adjusted defensive efficiency last season, a function of relying too heavily on Alessandro Lever as the primary rim protector. Now, the Lopes boast a top overall defense. This will be a bruising heavyweight boxing match on the block. GCU loves to throw it inside to their big fella, evidenced by the 14th highest rate of post up possessions in the nation, per Synergy. But, is he long enough to contest these vintage baby hooks?

Alessandro Lever could also pose mismatch problems, the overshadowed second big who took a backseat to Midtgaard in the offensive pecking order this season. I have no idea how Lever guards Joe Wisekamp on the other end of the floor, but Lever could do damage inside against the smaller Wieskamp. That will be a critical part of the chess match between Drew and McCaffery.

Need a Bishop or versatile cute guy

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