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PuroRabjohn has been in the water dispenser business for a long time way back to ! As you can tell, b ottle-less water dispensers have been around for a long time and the improvements keep coming. PuroRabjohn has been providing water coolers for schools, businesses, parks, indoor and outdoor purposes for more than a century.

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We provide high quality water dispenser solutions from the most renowned brands like Oasis, Elkay, Halsey-Taylor, Haws and more. The easy way to Stay Cool! Drink sparkling, fresh, mountain-cool water from your own electric drinking fountain installed at convenient locations for your employees and customers.

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Purchase plan available. New Rabjohn Improved Purifier Filter! A compact serviceable filter guaranteed to remove all disagreeable tastes and odors of chlorine, sulphur and other unpleasant foreign matter Also eliminates discoloration and supplies sparkling crystal clear water.

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Does not remove the beneficial elements present in pure water. Your Message. Which is bigger, 2 or 7? T: Our Location.

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Blast from the Past - Rabjohn Water Dispenser