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Stop or I'll Squirt A masked gunman wearing a stocking cap and a ski mask stole twenty head of cattle from a Weld County dairy farm. The daring raid took place at a. But He Aced the Written The Denver driver's office on West Mississippi Avenue was closed temporarily after someone drove a car through the front of the building. Said the school principal, "We were disappointed on the one hand and glad on the other. Point of Order! A former vice president of the student body and two student senators at Metropolitan State College were arrested after an alleged attempted burglary at the Tivoli Student Center.

One of the men was hiding in a closet when arrested. He Can Forget About a Tip A Denver man's plan to rob a King Soopers store and make his getaway in a rented limousine went awry when the limo driver refused to pull out of the parking lot. For Members Only A nineteen-year-old Colorado Springs woman was arrested and charged with criminal impersonation after she dated a fifteen-year-old girl while masquerading as a seventeen-year-old boy. The younger girl's mother said her daughter was convinced she had had heterosexual intercourse with the older woman.

A teenage girl in Boulder insisted to police that she had performed oral sex on and had intercourse with her boyfriend, Tony, who is actually a woman. The girl refused to believe that Tony wasn't a man, even though she was present when several of Tony's relatives referred to him as "Rebecca. Officers on Patrol, Part I A Nederland officer was arrested for investigation of vehicular assault and driving under the influence after he drove his car off the road into a rock wall. At the time, his boss, the town marshal, was awaiting trial on a misdemeanor charge of second-degree official misconduct.

Fry Her! A fourteen-year-old McDonald's employee was charged with theft after giving away a strawberry shake, an apple pie and a cup of hot chocolate to two friends. Somebody Call a Kindergarten Cop Police called to a suspected break-in at an elementary school in Lakewood found three suspects inside, ages eleven, eight and three.

The youths were taken into custody and accused of stealing eight red pens. Shortly afterward, the state highway department closed the road through Berthoud Pass when it accidentally started its own avalanche with a controlled blast. The Ol' Ball and Chain A Littleton man was arrested after allegedly committing a string of robberies, including daring stickups at two supermarkets. Police said the robber was apparently lovesick over a breakup with his wife and thought he could win her back by showering her with gifts.

The suspect was arrested--while making a car payment on a vehicle he had purchased for his wife. Officers on Patrol, Part II A Hugo man injured when his car collided with a parked road grader was hit broide minutes later by a state trooper rushing to help. Authorities said they weren't sure if the victim died from the collision with the road grader or the patrol car.

Chicks Can Be a Real Drag, Man Arvada police arrested a year-old man on assault charges following a wild spree in which the suspect and a friend got drunk, purchased two live chickens, stuffed the birds in the trunk of their car and drove around town.

The defendant allegedly shot his buddy in the hand during the trip; the chickens were released unharmed. The Way to a Girl's Heart Is Through Her Stomach Officers who arrested a year-old Alamosa woman for allegedly shooting her boyfriend to death found a cooking pot and a spoon containing bite-size chunks of tissue that "showed s of human origin" in her apartment.

Evidence indicated that the woman preferred leg meat. A Wheat Ridge woman called police to report that her toilet Wheat Ridge naked older woman overflowed. A Wheat Ridge woman called police to report that she had been overcome by bleach fumes while laundering her socks. Luckily, She Knew a Good Personal Injury Lawyer A secretary for a downtown Denver law firm became trapped between two electrically operated file drawers Wheat Ridge naked older woman had to be saved with the "Jaws of Life.

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Lochbuie Says Thanks and Happy Motoring A Lochbuie policeman was charged with six counts of embezzlement for allegedly pocketing cash fines he collected from motorists pulled over in traffic stops on Interstate Honey, I Beat Up the Shrink Police probed allegations that a Louisville man accused of sending threatening faxes to his wife also hired two thugs to work over a man he had hired to mediate his marriage.

A Lakewood man was arrested on assault charges after allegedly choking his wife to the point of unconsciousness because she revealed to the couple's eight-year-old daughter that the family was having liver for dinner. When his wife told him she let the information slip by accident, he replied, "There are no accidents. Longmont police called to the scene of an alleged arson attempt found an eleven-year-old boy carrying a can of lighter fluid. The youth explained that he was burning his mother's marijuana. A Lakewood man rubbed police the wrong way when he hired a stripper to entertain at his twelve-year-old son's birthday party.

The boy and his friends told police they expected to eat birthday cake and watch a football game. Thank God She Didn't Send Atomic Fireballs After members of the Denver police bomb squad exploded a suspicious package found at the federal courthouse, they were showered with bits of See's candy and a woman's thank-you note to an assistant U.

They Threw the Coloring Book at Him A ten-year-old Grand Junction boy and his eight-year-old brother were accused of walking into a convenience store with an unloaded BB gun and telling the Wheat Ridge naked older woman, "Give me your money--not! The older boy was charged with criminal aggravated robbery.

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It's Not Just a Job The Colorado National Guard agreed to a federal audit to probe allegations that more than 1, of the state's weekend warriors were collecting unemployment checks along with their Guard pay. He Was Having Wheat Ridge naked older woman White Sale A group of Denver-area black businesswomen wrote a letter of protest after a Grand Junction clothing store owner greeted them by quipping "Hey! Watermelon's not served until 1 o'clock! According to a worker, the man "was delivering some tax information. In fact, he handed it out the window to me as he was sitting in the car.

Scientific Americans A Denver high school chemistry teacher blew two fingers off his hand while performing a classroom experiment. Several nearby students were also injured. A science experiment at a middle school in Lakewood produced toxic fumes and what witnesses described as a gut-wrenching "rotten-egg smell.

Officers on Patrol, Part III An Adams County sheriff's deputy ran his patrol car off the road while responding to an emergency call and collided with a utility pole. He suffered a minor head injury; the car was totaled. Let the Chips Fall Where They May Federal agents seized a kilogram of what appeared to be heroin from illegal aliens in a no-knock drug raid in Aspen. The substance was later determined to be tortilla flour. His Chief Campaign Platform Was Crime A candidate for sheriff in Jefferson County was sentenced to days in jail after pointing a gun at a sheriff's deputy.

Parts Is Parts A year-old Lakewood man who cut off his own penis and testicles with a knife was taken into custody after he tried to fight off police officers sent to his aid. The man told officers he ate the missing body parts, but a police spokeswoman said two testicles were found in his garage. Added the officer, "The other body part remains missing. A Denver man told police two men broke into his apartment and stole his left eye from its socket. Police later determined the man had removed the eye himself. Dam Him! A beaver cut down a tree, which fell on a power line and blacked out the towns of Sawpit and Placerville.

The incident was the second time in two months that the beaver, well known to local authorities, had caused a disruption in electrical service. Only You Can Prevent Drive-By Shootings A Colorado House of Representatives committee voted down a bill to again allow a spring bear hunt, despite testimony by its sponsor, Lew Entz of Hopper, that bears were "harassing kids in the streets of Aguilar.

They Got the Drops on Him Detectives discerned a pattern in a series of Lakewood break-ins: The burglar always urinated on the floor before leaving. A police spokeswoman said it was apparently an involuntary nervous reaction on the part of the suspect.

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The Mice That Roared Union officials sent employees at the Federal Aviation Administration flight service station in Eagle home after finding mouse droppings on the floor. The labor representatives said they feared the deadly hantavirus. Take Two and Call Me in the Morning A Denver therapist was sued by a woman who alleged that the mental-health worker encouraged the patient to have three-way sex with her and her husband. The menage a trois reportedly was part of a therapy regimen deed to cure the patient of her fear of men.

Raising the Woof Authorities continued to put the collar on a Lakewood man charged with cruelty to animals after police responding to a report of a barking dog found him standing at his backyard fence barking at his neighbor's dog. He Aimed to Please A Boulder County sheriff's sergeant reed after being accused of fondling a female officer at the shooting range.

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming A Broomfield woman was arrested for hiring an undercover cop she met in a shopping-center parking lot to kill her husband. A teenage boy and girl from Arvada were arrested for allegedly hiring an undercover officer to kill the girl's father. The teenage daughter of a Glendale city councilman and her twenty-year-old husband were arrested after allegedly plotting to kill the girl's parents for the life insurance. The couple asked a friend they knew to do the job, but he didn't believe they were serious. At the would-be hit man's request, the girl went Wheat Ridge naked older woman his apartment and performed a sex act to convince him she meant business.

For the same reason, her husband ran naked around the man's apartment complex.

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Said the hired gun, who later tipped off police, "I was just sitting on my balcony laughing at him. A year-old Johnstown woman accused of attempting to pay an undercover officer to impale her ex-husband on a stick of dynamite asked a judge to lower her bail so she could get out of jail and compete in a roller-skating competition. Mallard Aforethought Denver police responding to a disturbance call found a man who told them two unidentified assailants had beaten him with a brass duck.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Authorities found a sixty-year-old Aurora man dead of a heart attack in his trailer home--surrounded by live canaries. Said an animal-care officer, "It was like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Federal authorities traced the discovery of several hundred pieces of mail scattered along country ro in Weld and Adams counties to a postal employee who had reed earlier in the week.

They're Waiting for Him to Crash A Kansas man charged with ramming his car into a Mesa County woman's vehicle couldn't be arraigned because he Wheat Ridge naked older woman high on drugs the morning after his arrest. What's in a Name? Boulder sheriff's officers arrested Rowdy Ray Valdez of Frederick on first-degree murder charges.

Pueblo physician Harvey McClung, a lung specialist, headed an effort to stop tobacco-industry sponsorship of state-fair concerts. A gag-gift book detailing the flaccid state of affairs at Denver International Airport was released by real-life Denver resident Ellen Cockshoot. Lakewood police questioned the taste of eighteen-year-old Littleton stripper Chelsea Wunderlich after she allegedly took off her top for a trio of underage boys.

The Reverend Russell Miracle of Palisade was among three people charged with causing minor injuries to a woman during an attempted exorcism in Montrose. As part of a plea bargain, Miracle agreed to put any future exorcisms he might perform on videotape.

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Their Own Private Idaho Police responded to a riot at a Denver hobo camp when transients began pelting each other with potatoes. Next Project: A Strip Mall The owner of a family-style restaurant in Lyons threatened to turn his eatery into a topless bar and an ading campground into a nude sunbathing area if the county didn't let him run an RV park on the property. A Vigorish Prosecution The El Paso County district attorney filed criminal usury charges against a pawnbroker who reportedly was making loans with an annual interest rate of percent. Blanket Indictment A Douglas County man entered a plea of no-contest to third-degree asssault after being accused of knocking his wife out of bed after asking her to move over and give him more room.

He claimed he accidentally elbowed her when awakened from a deep sleep. Setting an Example A volunteer firefighter in Teller County admitted to setting eleven arson fires so he could "improve his firefighting skills" and move up in the organization. Don't Have a Cow, Man! A Wheat Ridge woman reported receiving a harassing phone call from a man apparently upset by her answering-machine message, which concluded with her young son saying, "Later, dude.

He sounds like a fucking dork. Get him off the answering machine, stupid ass. District Court judge ruled that a prisoner must be provided with candles, a robe, incense, a gong, a chalice, a wooden staff and a ritual chamber so he could practice satanism in Wheat Ridge naked older woman federal lockup in Jefferson County.

The Public Library Must Have Been Closed That Day Denver police temporarily closed a bargain store on the city's southwest side after more than 2, people standing in line to purchase televisions and microwaves that were advertised at 99 cents began rioting. A year-old Denver woman pleaded guilty to threatening the life of U. Representative Joseph P. Kennedy of Massachusetts after he failed to respond to sixteen of her love letters. I Love You, You Love Me Wheat Ridge police responding to a reported late-night disturbance found two grown men and two women playing with a stuffed Barney the Dinosaur doll.

I'm so happy about that I can hardly contain myself. I woke up this morning feeling so in love with you Today I wish you could come and take me away with you. I want to be with you forever sweetheart--and I want us to have a life together that we have wished for for so long Please hurry baby, my heart breaks without you. The dispatcher was later fired for hanging up on callers.

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The defendant was convicted on murder and rape charges. Mechanics found seventy pounds of marijuana stuffed in a custom-made compartment in her gas tank. What a Way to Go A Longmont man injured when he rolled his sports car on Colorado 66 managed to crawl back to the roadway, where he was hit by a passing motorist and killed. Keep Westword Free Since we started Westwordit has been defined as the free, independent voice of Denver, and we would like to keep it that way.

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Wheat Ridge naked older woman

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