Whores of Muswellbrook county

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It's not the start of a joke, but the beginning of a four-year prison sentence for Brendan Brhaw after he bashed the part-owner of Exotica Gentlemen's Club. In Maythe now-defunct CBD venue was in financial strife and Brhaw, who had ly served in the Navy, saw a business opportunity. Before the attack began, Mr Srbinoski's business partner Genna Schvarts called him a "whore" in Russian and accused the man of making up rumours about him. Schvarts did not physically attack the victim, but later admitted to intentionally causing injury for encouraging the assault. After the beating, Schvarts left the club carrying the CCTV hard drive monitor while Mr Srbinoski staggered to the bathroom to photograph his injuries.

Brhaw was jailed in the County Court of Victoria on Tuesday after pleading guilty to extortion with a threat to inflict injury and intentionally causing injury.

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Judge Rachelle Lewitan labelled the attack "brazen and cowardly" and ordered Brhaw to serve 32 months of his four-year sentence before being eligible for parole. Schvarts was jailed for days, but walked from the court because he had already served his time in pre-sentence detention.

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The Moldovan-born man was also given a two-year community correction order, including a requirement he undergo treatment for his drug issues. Judge Lewitan found Schvarts and Brhaw had reasonable prospects of rehabilitation and were remorseful for the attack. Hunter Valley News' trusted source for property. Home News National.

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A man walked into a Melbourne strip club looking for a good deal. There is dispute about whether he threatened to kill Mr Srbinoski. The victim suffered fractures around his eyes and has post-traumatic stress disorder.

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In a statement to the court, he said he lived in constant fear and anxiety. Australian Associated Press.

Whores of Muswellbrook county

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